The Pensive Gorilla

About Us

The Pensive Gorilla is a Fargo, ND based company dedicated to customer service providing Custom Web Design, PC Repair, Virus Removal, and PC Optimization.

Why work with us? The answer is simple, we treat you like friends or family and your computer like it was our own.

We have a philosophy of openness so you are aware of possible issues and approximate costs upfront.

Contact us today to see how The Pensive Gorilla can help you!

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Matt Schmidt

Matthew Schmidt is the original Pensive Gorilla. He began exploring computers by making changes to his Windows 3.1 (that was before Windows 95...) computer and creating webpages in 1998 using a 28.8 Kbps dial-up modem, Notepad and a GeoCities account while in grade school when the internet was still young.

He began repairing computers and making web pages professionally in 2009 as a freelance Web Designer in Fargo, ND while attending North Dakota State University studying Computer Science.

Matthew continues to repair computers, build new systems from the ground up, replace worn out hardware and create custom web pages in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

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